Jacqueline and Rosanne are a photographic duo “Aardenburg & De Vries” based in the Netherlands. With backgrounds in styling, design and commercial imagery, their works combine aspiration and realization – photographs that are both surreal and believable. The duo create playful and dynamic compositions that build on reality with a minimum of post-production enhancement. 

We met during our photography studies in Amsterdam and decided to continue together. Jacqueline has a background as a stylist and designer. She believes that everything is possible and realizable. On the other hand, Rosanne has a background within the business sector. She has the drive and patience to prepare the materials needed for our images. Altogether, we are a strong team that complement each other. 

The themes that are central to our photography are sustainability, up-cycling and an open mind. We also like to include an element of absurdness or surrealism, alongside with a human aspect. 

We don’t work with single shots but think in series. We create the settings for our photos ourselves. Our images always have some absurdness or surrealism. And there is always a human aspect in our photos such as an arm or a hand. This shows that what we have created is real and full size. We are always looking for images that were never made with real materials before. We only use Photoshop to enhance the image, not to manipulate it. So, what you see is real. See your portfolio under ‘fine art’.

We also do business photography, see our portfolio under ‘products’.  Contact us for a free advice.

Mail: aardenburgdevries@gmail.com

Tel: +316 23074106